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Victor van der Valk

Victor van der Valk
Operational Director Concearn


Processes and the Software are alligned
In developing the service concept of our Occupational Health and Safety (arbo) activities, it became apparent that customers were looking for high quality service. In addition, it is important to our customers that the communication is adequate and streamlined. Finally, it is important to reduce the burden for the average employer when it comes to the risk of work incapacity (WIA) intake. This means in practice, that absenteeism records must be complete and correct.  An almost unthinkable task without IT.
This process-based challenge has been filed by Concearn with Triodor. One of the problems in developing a program to support Concearn was that two forms of communication and information storage had to be possible.
There are public actions and actions where privacy is very important. A solution was also needed that could be used by both employees of  Concearn as well as the staff of Concearn's clients. The web solution developed by Triodor, called the Health and Safety Act! (Arbo Act!),  was an immediate hit. Medical data are properly protected, there is a transparent solution devised for the parties themselves and the workflow within the framework of the law is properly embedded in the program.
There are also links realised with standard packages in the field of personnel administration and accounting. Finally, since preparation billing also fits into the program, we can speak of workflow management, communication tool and file structure being embedded in one system. It goes without saying that this has created  a high added value and a greatly increased efficiency for Concearn and their clients. Concearn hereby creates an extra distinction compared to the competition.
Additionally, the subordinate role to the internal process has been somewhat diminished. Process improvements from the perspective of and in consultation with Triodor have been developed to see to it that the processes and the software are aligned. This makes for a very strong relationship with Triodor that is highly appreciated by Concearn.
Victor van der Valk
Operational Director Concearn 



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