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Dirk Lahuis
Director NDA


ICT and Nespresso

In previous years, we have spent a lot of annual salaries on the development of ICT solutions. ICT solutions that can assist us to improve our processes, provide more insight into quality and implementation, acquire knowledge and as an aid to provide a contribution for a better result.


A bigger difference between theory and practice is hardly conceivable. Many suppliers of ICT solutions shine by the creation a world in which everyone wants live.

On arrival in the new habitation, the east bloc apartments appear less useful, less comfortable, less favourably situated, more expensive than the estimates and only useful because we have in the meanwhile, sold our own house.


Fault of the ICT supplier? Yes and no. Fault is not the correct word, moreover a large part of the problem lies with the customer and user.

The supplier is not familiar with the customer or the processes. The customer is  frequently not able to think in processes and to translate or let these be translated into solutions and to read and/or understand that which is presented, really is what was intended.

We have experienced the latter situation for the past five years. This meant that we have had to repeatedly organise informative sessions.


This is a reason for many companies to accept the current situation, abandon ICT solutions or muddle through. Time for the ICT "Nespresso" solution.

A broad scala of small, compact, clear process components, where the customer  creates the ideal work surroundings. Clearly communicated and well supported.


Internet offers possibilities to realise appropriate, modular SAAS applications that will ensure a true revolution in the coming years. To each their own ICT colour and melange.


Dirk Lahuis 
Director NDA 


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