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Adil Asik
Manager of Operation
Triodor R&D Turkey


The future of mobile computing in the cloud

Mobile computing has grown significantly in recent years and it seems that this trend will continue in the future. The mobile market is now filled with smart phones and tablets that execute more and more of our everyday computing tasks such as e-mail and presentations. For the applications that cannot be run on smartphones or tablets, laptops fill the void. These are also becoming faster and lighter, so they can compete with desktops in terms of performance.

However, developments in mobile devices are still hampered by battery life. Batteries keep getting better, but with the installation of increasing numbers of multi-core processors and high-end graphics cards, the benefits of a better battery technology are often lost. It is obvious, while computing power and storage tend to double every few years, battery life is only extended by a few minutes with each new mobile hardware revision. In some cases, it only gets worse!


So what is the solution? In my opinion, the industry should abandon the idea of installing ever faster processors and high-performance graphics cards in our mobile devices. Instead, a cloud-approach should be used, whereby all the processing power and graphic rendering takes place on servers that are not dependent on a battery.


With the continuing evolution of wireless networks it will not be long before a really mobile cloud environment is available, where everything is virtualised and can simply be passed on to mobile devices. The amount of current that laptops, smartphones and tablets use can be reduced significantly, resulting in a dramatic increase in battery life.


These developments are creating a demand for customised software that offers many possibilities, but also requires security, a robust architecture and other important aspects. I foresee that Triodor will be able to meet this demand within a few years by providing excellent developers with the required skills.


Mark my words, it's only a matter of time before we start reducing the horsepower in our mobile devices in favor of longer battery life .


Adil Asik

Operations Manager at Triodor




Dirk Lahuis, NDA:
"ICT and Nespresso"
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