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Ovotrack is a unique tracking system for egg packaging plants. The system keeps track of eggs from the poultry farm through the sorting and packaging process to the distribution centers of the retailers. A result, each pallet of eggs can be followed to the stores where the eggs are eventually sold. They can also be traced backwards: each individual egg on the shelf has a known origin. Besides traceability from farm to shop floor and back, Ovotrack also offers stock management and labeling from boxes to full pallets of eggs. Ovotrack's solutions are usually coupled to customers' sorting and packaging machines and ERP systems. Ovotrack has so far installed facilities in nine countries in Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Ovotrack,North America in Michigan was founded in 2009, to provide better service to the American and Canadian markets.

The technological challenge

The original version of Ovotrack was a module developed in 2002 in Visual Basic. In subsequent years many others modules were added. This created an unstructured code that complicated the controllability of the Ovotrack applications. In 2007 the Ovotrack management decided therefore, to redevelop the application in a professional way in a .NET environment. Their own development team did not have the capacity (both quantitative and qualitative) necessary to realise the redevelopment independently. In view of the tight market for IT service management Ovotrack decided to outsource. Initially, the outsourcing strategy focused on India, but it soon became clear that major cultural differences, the time difference with India and the language barrier seriously hampered the decision-making process. Ovotrack then sought an outsourcing partner closer to home and found Triodor.

Triodor Software solution

Triodor then delivered a business analysis within one month. The core of Triodors approach consisted of a dedicated team of four software developers in Istanbul who worked exclusively for Ovotrack. The applied scrum method gave Ovotrack continuous information about the current state of affairs. Although the team was led by a professional project manager in Istanbul, the management in Triodor's Amsterdam office was the point of contact. Ovotrack has since decided to transfer the software support activities to the Turkish Triodor Development Center. The team will therefore continue on, even after completion of Ovotrack 3.

Ovotrack about Triodor

COO of Ovotrack Henk Beekhuis: 'The partnership with Triodor is the best thing that ever happened to us. We benefit from the technological knowledge in Istanbul and all innovations in IT. Our development capacity has suddenly become scalable. We can now focus on inventing new applications that will make money for us and our customers.


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