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Nederlandse Dakdekkers Associatie


Nederlandse Dakdekkers Associatie (NDA)

The Nederlandse Dakdekkers Associatie (Dutch Roofers Association NDA) is an organization of Dutch roofing companies. The NDA was established in 1981 at the initiative of a number of roofing companies, with the objective of supporting the interests of its members and to guarantee their quality and service. The NDA has now become a national network of affiliated companies with a head office in Almere. The NDA is involved in various activities such as procurement, marketing, development and technology. The continuous improvement of craftsmanship, products and techniques plays a central role.

The challenge

The NDA is increasingly faced with the need to optimise its processes and services and to give maximum support for innovation in the industry. After all, there is a growing demand from both society and the market for energy conservation and sustainability. Roofs play a important role in this respect. The materials used and the way a roof is built and maintained, largely determines how CO2-neutral and cost-saving a particular household is. This requires continuous innovation of products and processes in the roofing industry where automation plays a crucial role.

Since cooperation between the NDA members must be optimal, this requires a shared IT infrastructure. A cleverly constructed infrastructure not only offers advantages in terms of efficiency, durability and cost, it also simplifies the process of preventive control.

The solution of Triodor Software

After a thorough market investigation, NDA turned to Triodor for preliminary research and a business plan. NDA was so enthusiastic that the organization chose to establish a joint venture with Triodor. Triodor then formed a dedicated team consisting of three English-speaking software developers with extensive knowledge and experience with .NET, C ##, ASP and all related technologies. A project manager supervised the quality of the work and deliveries as per planning and agreement. The team has now been working forthe NDA for over two years and is actually fully incorporated and integrated into the virtual organization.

NDA on Triodor

NDA Director Dirk Lahuis: "Triodor has people who deal with issues pragmatically and are down to earth. I addition, they kept working until both parties were satisfied with the finished product.


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