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Volkan Nazmi Metin
Manager of Operations
Industrial Automation

It may sound strange, but today's industrial automation is really still in its infancy. Software is used almost exclusively in industrial robots, PLCs, SCADA and MES applications.
Five trends are unmistakable in the market of industrial automation. For example, wireless monitoring is becoming cheaper and easier. Soon, an employee of your utility company no longer rings your doorbell, but reads the meter in your home from his car. Another trend is machine-to-machine communication merging with the Internet. Equipment is operated and managed online. Examples are the 'smart' home that automatically alerts the police via a modem in case of burglary, and the candy machine that signals the supplier when stocks of snacks are low. The importance of safety in industrial security systems also increases as processes become more complex and the number of transfer moments increases; they actually become more sensitive to technical faults. A fourth trend is the need to optimise automation, causing the emergence of more complex adaptive systems to improve the performance of automated systems. Finally, software 'disappears' because it is integrated into more and more products.
The latter happens increasingly to our customers. The only external software requirements are in the internet browser. The rest of the software are applets and client-side applications, which are activated by objects and agents built into the system.

In addition, significant new software applications will often be built into wireless sensors and distributed through peer-to-peer networks. They form small operating systems in wireless sensors and software that allows these sensors to communicate with each other, as a large complex adaptive system. This is the future, and Triodor is acting on it now.


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