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Caner Guler
Team Manager
Agricultural Automation

Agricultural automation is a market in which Triodor is very active. Given the trend towards automation of this sector, Triodor is likely to become even more active here in the future.

The agricultural sector is characterised by declining employment. The reason is an ageing population and the fact that many older or exiting entrepreneurs are not being replaced by young people. The industry is clearly not attractive to them. Another reason for the declining employment is the continual technological innovation and automation in the field, which yields higher productivity, but redundant manpower. Paradoxically, further automation and robotics at the same time provide a solution for the problem of declining employment, especially in labour-intensive sub-sectors such as horticulture.

The agricultural sector is still growing and the demand for agricultural products is increasing strongly worldwide. The world population continues to grow and the expanding amount of livestock must be fed, but agricultural products also form the raw material for energy generation and other applications. ICT plays an essential role in this development.

Thanks to ICT, production in the Agrocomplex can be better organised: energy use in intensive livestock farming becomes more efficient, and the chain of supply, demand and stock in Agrilogistics (tracking and tracing) more streamlined. In addition, the implementation of precision farming with the use of fewer resources  results in higher yields. There are other applications, such as embedded software in dairy management robots, and applications that generate real-time dynamic reports on the state of affairs in, for instance pig farming.

In short, ICT is one of the major driving forces in the agricultural knowledge economy and will create new business applications, new skills and innovative products and services. With a solid track record in Agricultural Automation, Triodor will be at the forefront of these developments.


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