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drs. Akin Develi
Team Manager
Software Companies

As crucial as software is for our society, the supply of academically trained and skilled developers and engineers remains limited. The labour market for IT developers in the Netherlands faces significant shortages and there seems little change ahead in the decade to come. What will change is the demand for such developers, which will only increase.


It is a dual problem for many companies. It is difficult to find the right IT professionals, but keeping them within the organization is a whole different ball game. It is an almost impossible task when a company attempts to maintain personnel at acceptable costs. Many find the solution to this dilemma in hiring external capacity. This has several advantages:

• No more time-consuming and costly recruitment

• Expertise and experience are guaranteed

• The organization has a flexible outer shell that absorbs economic shocks

• Personnel costs are ultimately lower than permanent staff contracts.


Triodor Software has an extensive pool of educated and motivated IT developers. Our developers speak English, are certified and are used to develop and manage state of the art software both on-site and at a distance. In this way, Triodor has the capacity for development and maintenance of various software companies, like Exact that has put an online accounting program on the market, and TTI, the software developer that uses our people as a flexible outer shell.


More and more software companies are facing shortages in the Dutch labour market and have to deal with a lack of personnel. This problem directly affects the primary business processes and the bottom line. Triodor Software can support these companies with our access to a large pool of educated and certified, English speaking IT professionals, at reasonable rates.


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