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Taylan Kut
Team Manager


Building and Construction

In the near future, software will have an increasingly prominent place in the different building and construction sectors. Already, some IT applications have become crucial in daily construction practice. Examples are 3D simulation and programs like AutoCAD, which Architects, Achitectural Draughtsmen and Area Developers use to build virtual representations of objects. Another example is the software used to determine the load capacity of constructions. Add to this the many uses of software on a 'micro level': the machines used for construction, management reporting programs with which engineers keep track of the state of machinery, handhelds,  which supervisors use to check work progress and mobile communication tools that are used at big construction sites.


Software also plays a crucial role in finished objects. Take for example domotics     (home automation), where intelligent software controls the security devices against fire and intrusion, thermostats which control the indoor climate, energy efficient appliances, a refrigerator which places orders online to the supermarket, a tap that starts running by itself or a light that comes on automatically when the sensor detects motion. Domotics is not limited to private households or pure convenience, domotics are also suitable for healthcare environments. In clinics for the demented elderly, smart software can prevent a sliding door from opening when patients are identified to stop them from walking out into the street, while the same door lets other people pass through.


In short, software is here to stay, and as yet the end of new developments is not in sight. As manpower and resources become more scarce and work has to be done ever more efficiently, the demand for smart solutions will increase.  Smart solutions are indeed, part of Triodor's core business.



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