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Volkan Nazmi Metin
Manager of Operations


Consultancy Companies

The world of consultants is rapidly changing due to the economic downturn. The consulting market is highly cyclical. A big shake out has taken place in a market that was characterised by a proliferation of new companies over the past decade. As such, it is not a bad development; two trends are particularly noteworthy.


Trends in Consultancy

In the first place, a further consolidation has taken place in which small firms have merged into larger companies and large parties cooperate more or even merge. This consolidation trend is not new; it started within the context of advancing globalization. An example is the merger between Andersen Consulting and Deloitte in 2002, which meant an impressive upscaling for both parties. The economic crisis may have reinforced this trend.


A second development is that the profession is becoming more specialised. The consultant who offers his services to any industry or sector, is no longer taken seriously. Every industry has its own specialist niche player. This is especially true for the sectors IT, Internet and e-commerce. Due to a sharp increase in demand for expertise, this type of consultancy has grown strongly. Automation and technological advances continue independent of the economy, so this is where Triodor is active.


IT-related organizational issues generally concern strategy, sourcing and operations, but also service and information management. This means that often customised tools are being developed with which the consultant helps customers measure and improve performance within the organization. Consultants very rarely have the required technical knowledge, so they work together with specialised software companies, like Triodor. 


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