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drs. Akin Develi
Team Manager

Content Management Systems and Web Shops

Content Management System (CMS) usually refers to management of the contents of web applications like blogs or portals. Most entrepreneurs and companies come across the term CMS, sooner or later. After all, modern companies today have a website and each website is filled with content.


Providing a site with content was previously outsourced to a third party, but these days many companies do it themselves. It is cheaper, since websites are no longer a static 'business card' of the company. A site must be dynamic and attractive to generate traffic and most importantly, have something to offer the visitors, such as news, special offers or interesting facts. Such sites require dynamic content that is preferably updated daily.

It is expensive to keep hiring an external webmaster, so most companies do it themselves. Technology makes it easy for them. Most CMS applications are user- friendly and easy to master. In the near future, they will be further simplified. Together with partner organizations, Triodor has been bringing CMS applications for small businesses on the market for several years. This has been a success, so CMS will remain part of our varied range of services.

CMS is also essential for entrepreneurs and companies that want to run a webshop. After all, a webshop is by definition a dynamic website, where different products are presented in virtual window displays as special offers, where new products or services are added and brought to the attention and old products sold off.



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