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Zekayi Ince
Manager of Operations


The publishing industry is changing rapidly under the influence of digitization. While publication used to involved paper and printing, new generations of people are growing up 'paperless' and are more familiar with e-readers than with conventional books. Thanks to the rapid market penetration of devices such as iPads, e-readers and advanced handhelds, electronic publishing (e-Publishing) has been expanding fast. Books, magazines, newspapers and trade journals are increasingly produced, edited and stored digitally instead of in print.

Publications are also read digitally. More and more people buy and read publications in digital form, take an e-reader instead of a book on holiday or read the newspaper on their electronic tablet. Not only end users experience the convenience (and lower cost) of e-publishing, businesses also enjoy the benefits that e-publishing offers. Information on industries, professions or trades is now available faster and in larger quantities than ever before. Many systems provide companies with all necessary information, from portals and directories, or through e-learning systems and content management systems.

Triodor is also active in this field. One of the companies within Triodor Holding is MD Info, a multimedia provider of personalised business news and market leader in e-publishing. MD Info provides companies, government agencies and private individuals with online information about branches, disciplines, trends, news and professional data summarised from more than 700 trade journals, newspapers and websites. Besides, Triodor is also the developer behind the newssites and


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