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Triodor Software has provided outsourcing and nearshoring services in software development  since 2004.
Our customers prefer us for their software development because of the high quality we offer. The outsourcing takes place in the form of projects as well as with dedicated teams.
The Triodor Development Center in Istanbul was officially acknowledged as a formal Research and Development Center by the Turkish Ministry of Trade and Industry on Februari 28, 2011. Triodor Software is now one of the 83 companies in Turkey with the status of R&D Center and has joined the ranks of other R&D Centers like those of Nortel, Ericsson, Bosch, Indesit, Huwaei Fiat and Mercedes.
For information about current vacancies, career opportunities and what Triodor has to offer as a workplace, please visit our dedicated career website.


Market leader  in agricultural technology and  producer of, among others, the milking robot ‘Astronaut’.
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Ned. Dakdekkers Assocatie (Neth. Roofers Ass.)

A nationwide network of roofing companies.
The largest free knowledge network portal for entrepreneurs.
iMed Internet Services
An online gaming development company. Developer of games like spele.nl 
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"Processes and the software are alligned"
By: Victor van der Valk
Date: 22-10-2011
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