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Wilfred van Beuningen
Manager of Operations

Triodor partner strategy, the strategic ecosystem 
Triodor Holding is not only the parent company of a number of subsidiaries and associated companies and organizations, it also maintains close relationships with other companies and partners. These companies and partnerships can sometimes be so closely linked that they generate synergy or otherwise share resources and man power. So much so that in fact, the result may be described as a 'strategic ecosystem'. The ecosystem consists of Triodor, the companies with a technological or business alliance to Triodor, the companies in which we participate and our investment firm, Triodor Technology Investments.
In this strategic ecosystem, participants are directly or indirectly linked in a network-like manner. It is an ideal setting for 'matchmaking' between like-minded companies or between partners with complementary expertise and resources. It also forms a good breeding ground for synergy, innovation and knowledge sharing, since the strength of any community or society stems from the overall knowledge and skills of the cooperating network participants.
Triodor always strives towards sustainable relationships with other companies. Collaboration is inherent in our long-term strategy. We want the companies within our network to benefit as much as possible from each other's knowledge, resources and relationships. In short, connecting the right partners for the right projects is critical to this ecosystem.

As each partnership has a separate and often unique nature, a highly diverse ecosystem has developed with various forms of cooperation and linkings, such as participations, joint ventures, technological alliances and business partnerships.   Cooperating and connecting in the right way, is the strategic choice Triodor has made. All this within a network of trust, integrity and a business environment.


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