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Wilfred van Beuningen
Manager of Operations
Triodor Technology Investments

Triodor Technology Investments (TTI) is the investment holding with which Triodor assists companies to achieve further growth. Sustainable growth, based on long-term partnership and commitment. TTI is not a venture capitalist with a short-term vision and a focus on fast profits. TTI only invests in sustainable partnerships for the longer term, in which technological development and preferably green technology play a central role.


Investing in long-term success

Triodor Technology Investments is not just a provider of development capital, but also invests in software, management support, coaching, sales, networks and commitment. All this in an Eco-Friendly way. TTI is not an investor with a hit and run mentality and a short investment horizon, but always focuses on the long term. The value of our investments is between € 250,000 and € 1 m and the companies we support are those ready for their 'next step'. We do not invest in startups or in established companies, but in the segment in between, in what we call the 'passionate growers' .


Partners in sustainable growth

A passionate grower already owns a product or service. The company sells the product and has a steady turnover of around € 1 m. However, the company must also have an ambition to become even bigger. This requires not only technological development, but often the market and the company have to be prepared for the next step. Few entrepreneurs are able do this on their own successfully without an additional cash flow. TTI's support is available for this type of entrpreneur.


What we do

Triodor has an extensive network of professionals, companies, customers and associates. Parties not only bring in great expertise, but also interesting market opportunities. Partners in which we invest, have free access to these networks. We also have our own large knowledge network base, since our software developers have extensive knowledge of different platforms. In addition, we have project managers and a well-equipped marketing and sales force. Last, but certainly not least, we have access to additional financial resources.


For the selection of investment projects TTI puts the emphasis on sustainability. We do this based on our belief that technology, and especially green technology, is a major contribution for sustainability. This should make all the difference, in the immediate future.


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