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Zekayi Ince
Manager of Operations
Triodor Segment Strategy
Not only has Triodor gained many years of experience with different technologies, ranging from embedded to web-based, it has also built up a solid curriculum in different market segments and sectors. The expertise, skills and competencies we have amassed in this way are important assets. Software development for a certain customer within a specific segment requires a thorough understanding of the underlying business processes. When Triodor starts a new project or forms a new dedicated team, we obviously use this accumulated knowledge.
When we start a project or dedicated team in a segment in which Triodor has little business expertise, we expand our own knowledge rapidly with our analytical skills. In addition, we use our ability to create cross-fertilization and synergy by combining our existing knowledge of various segments.

This often leads to surprising insights into business processes, but also with regard to technology. Triodor has thus gained much experience in developing and working with web-based technologies. This web-based knowledge we apply increasingly in segments where the web has not yet fully been developed, with innovative resulting solutions.


 Large business expertise with a focus on segments
 Synergy advantages between segments 
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