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MD Info
MD Info
For about 30 years MD Info has been providing personalised financial and economic news to the business world. It offers news and information about industries, companies, products and market trends. The company's own editors read hundreds of daily newspapers, journals, magazines, newsletters and websites, select newsworthy articles and summarise these in clear abstracts with detailed subject codes. The information is included in a database, from which customer solutions are offered, mostly via intranets of larger knowledge-intensive organizations such as ABN Amro Bank, Atos Origin, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Capgemini. MD Info's database now contains over 300,000 summaries with the corresponding full text articles and personal information profiles of some 20,000 customers. What makes the system exceptional is its ability to deliver detailed customization: the right information at the right time for the right person.

MD Info also provides complex database links to specific business environments, uses more and more more web-based solutions and provides numerous sites with current and targeted content.


The technological challenge

To be able to provide customers with high quality services, the editors of MD Info need a content management system with more than the usual functionalities. Moreover, the link to customer environments and websites is not only very knowledge-intensive, it is also highly dynamic. The technology is constantly changing and therefore requires a high knowledge level of its IT developers. Previously, MD Info was able to develop and maintain IT platforms in-house, but it is increasingly difficult to find, train and retain skilled software developers in the Netherlands. For a relatively small organization like MD Info, this presented an unacceptable commercial risk, since the IT solution is directly connected to the primary business process.

The solution of Triodor Software

MD decided to outsource the development and maintenance of its software platforms. After intensive market research in the Netherlands, India and Eastern Europe, Triodor Software was found to be the ideal IT partner. Triodor allocated a dedicated team that presently still continues to function. The team consists of three English-speaking software developers with extensive knowledge and experience with .Net, C##, ASP and all related technologies. A project manager oversees the content quality and delivery as agreed upon and on schedule. The team now has over two years of experience at MD Info and has in fact, become fully integrated in the virtual organization.

MD about Triodor

MD Info director Hikmet Cosgun: "Thanks to Triodor the continuity of the company is secured. At the same time certain applications are being further developed. It is not only our information that is important to customers, but also the way that information reaches them. Indeed, the technical interface is almost equally important. Ease of use for the customer gives us a competitive advantage."


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