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Lely Industries
Worldwide marketing of developed products in >60 countries


Based in Maassluis, Lely Industries has provided products, services and solutions to the livestock sector for 60 years. Lely is the undisputed market leader in sales and maintenance of automated milking systems. Lely Industries is part of the Lely Group, a global group of companies active in agrotechnology. The group operates in over 60 countries, employs 1200 people and has an annual turnover of € 390 m.


Astronaut MIS

The MIS for the milking robot 'Astronaut' was jointly developed after it became clear in 2007 that the available functionalities no longer met changing market requirements. Lely also wanted to further expand its position as market leader in new innovative products. It was therefore decided to develop a new version of the robot.

Lely Community Development

Lely requested Triodor to set up an online community for its customers to raise the knowledge among farmers to a higher level. Knowledge sharing was previously not optimal. Lely noticed, for example, that there were considerable differences in milk production between large agricultural businesses. The company therefore developed a program that let farmers compare their production data. This benchmark gave farmers a better idea of how and in what areas they could improve their production.


Embedded Development

In the interim, Triodor has also set up an Embedded Development team for Lely. Embedded Software is software that is integrated into a hardware device, so that they show 'intelligent behavior' and are therefore more efficient. The essence of an embedded system is that the software is incorporated in the hardware, which sets a demanding task for programmers, since a very specific technology is involved. All the more reason for Lely to order a dedicated team from Triodor that not only possesses specialised knowledge, but also focuses solely on the maintenance and further development of the Lely-applications.


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