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Serdar Kizilkurt
Senior Developer
Absenteeism Management

Absenteeism costs employers money. Not only is the productivity of the organization affected when an employee is ill, under the Gatekeeper Act (Wet Verbetering Poortwachter), employers have an obligation to continue salary payment for absent employees for up to two years. It is therefore important to prevent absenteeism, which involves insight into and the quantification of absenteeism.

Good absenteeism management starts with an efficient registration system. Such systems not only show absenteeism, some can also relieve employers of the administrative work related to absenteeism. Absence reports need to be sent to the Occupational Health Service (Arbodienst) and each report must be assessed to be able to undertake the necessary action.

An advanced absenteeism registration notifies the Occupational Health Service, Trade Association or insurer automatically, electronicly, by fax, email or direct  communication. Automating the process gives employers time to deal with the absence itself.

Thus employers may obtain extensive information about absenteeism within the organization at any moment in time. Who is currently absent due to illness? Who has been ill lately, how often and for how long? Such statistical information is relevant for management reports and for analysis. Absenteeism rates, frequency of absence reporting, absenteeism costs and average duration of absences are all available at once. If required, the information is available per department or for the entire organization, and may be broken down into gender or age groups.


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