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Sahin Deligoz
Software Developer

Online Competency Testing

Having the right people available is vital for any company, especially in a highly competitive environments that are characterised by labour shortages. Human resource management is therefore becoming an increasingly strategic competency.

This explains the increased attention to issues such as recruitment, selection and staff development. In the wake of these issues, comes the rapid growth of assessment tools.

At the same time, because cost reduction is paramount everywhere, including expensive HR-processes, the technology to automate these processes is readily available.   Many recruitment procedures start with a selective intake through online assessment. Only the more promising candidates remain, so HR staff can invest their precious time and energy in a responsible manner. Online testing is in fact, not only suitable for job application procedures but can also be used for other purposes, such as insight into the quality and development potential of all employees or groups of employees. In short, it is a tool for competency management.

Online testing and tools for competency management will become increasingly important as organizations face the effects of ageing, a declining birth rate, a tight labour market and further cost-cutting. In summary, online testing and competentce management are a growing market. Since software now plays a crucial role, it follows that Triodor will be heavily involved in this market in the coming years.


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