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Barkey Papilya

Although many 3D applications already exist, the technology is actually still in its infancy. The relevant technologies have not yet been fully developed, while more and more applications continue to appear.

At present, 3D is being used in architectural design coupled with planning and budgeting, data mining for petrochemicals, games and VR simulators for the medical and the military sectors, aviation, shipping and automotive sectors and of course, the film industry.


An unexpectedly heavy user is the agricultural sector, which eagerly embraces 3D technologies. Examples in the design of large stables and in the use of milking robots and other machinery for agriculture and animal husbandry. A company which has been using 3D technology and virtual reality for some time is Lely Industries, an established global player in Agrotechnology. One of Lely's products is an automated robot that allows farmers to milk their cows more efficiently. In practice, many farmers who wish to purchase a milking robot, need virtualisation of the impact of robots in their stables. There is no doubt that stables must be designed differently when a milking robot is acquired. Sales people at Lely go to farmers with handhelds that not only present a graphical 3D view of the stable, the milking robot and all the necessary peripherals, but that also indicates the optimal design.


This is just a small example of how 3D and virtual reality are being applied in everyday use. It is expected that the technology will be further developed, with a corresponding increase in the number of applications.


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