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Serkan Kasapbasi
Team Manager
Business Portals

It is evident that a good business portal is essential for both the customers of a company and the organization itself. Business portals come in three types: the intranet, the extranet and the client portal. In a nutshell, a business portal is used primarily for unlocking data from and for customers and employees. Notably order histories, customer data and document management, but it is also used for organization-wide knowledge sharing, dissemination and enrichment.


As a visiting card for the company

All organizations need to be able to find and be found. More than 6 out of every 10 Dutch people regularly use the Internet to gather information about products, services and potential suppliers. The search takes place mainly in the information phase of the 'buying process'. It is therefore important that potential customers are attracted by an easily findable, representative and clear business portal.


As a vehicle for effective knowledge management

Knowledge is an important production factor in all types of organizations. Knowledge is stored in documents, presentations, databases and procedures, but especially in the minds of employees. It is important that knowledge is always available, but is also stored in the event of an employee becoming ill or leaving the organization. For remotely accessible knowledge and knowledge sharing the intranet portal is ideal. Employees not only have fast and direct access to relevant knowledge, sharing of knowledge and knowledge ownership encourage mutual cooperation.


To support flexible working

Business portals are often linked to existing databases, back office  or CRM-systems of the organization. They are, for those authorised, easily accessible to update or consult. It is even possible to let employees or customers access the portal remotely via their computer, iPad or Blackberry. This happens more and more often now that The New World of Work is currently being so widely used.


As an added value for existing customers

The customer portal offers customised communication. For example, a customer may gain access through his own portal to information supplied by the own organization. Preferably fast, safe and personalised. This service ranges from making dossiers available to the viewing of company reports and current management reports,  from electronic newsletters to current and relevant news for the customer.


Designing, building and maintaining relevant and findable business portals has been part of Triodor's range of services for over 8 years.


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