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Nevin Alkoc
Turkey Location Director
Focus on Research & Development

Focus on Research & Development

Triodor has focused on Research & Development in two areas for years. First of all, we, of course, invest in our own software. The feedback and best practices in the field are incorporated in every new application. In this way our software keeps getting smarter, more user friendly and more effective. In short, innovation through R&D.
Our software is not just the result of research however, it also used for research. It supports R&D activities in other companies and thus makes innovation possible in products and processes. For many companies with an R&D or engineering department software is essential. For example, project management software can be used to monitor or coordinate various projects within a research department. The software can also be an integral part of the product to be developed, such as software-controlled industrial machines. Furthermore, the software can be used as management information system that converts data from production facilities into useful information for decision-making processes. In short, software has many applications in R&D and innovation.

Triodor gets formal status as research center

Triodor is a strong player in the research market, as is proven by the specific R&D status that the Turkish government awarded to our Development Center in Istanbul in December 2010. The center, which employs over 100 software engineers, testers and analysts, is hereby acknowledged and certified as a formal Research and Development Center. Triodor Software has worked hard for years to qualify for this coveted status. We have invested a lot in the development center to meet the rigorous demands of the auditing committee, an expert panel of academics and prominent figures from the Turkish business community. Triodor Software is now one of the 83 multinational companies in Turkey with an R&D status.

Certification promotes further growth Triodor

The R&D certification has important implications for Triodor International. The development center is now eligible for subsidies from the Turkish government to develop and continue new, innovative projects and research. This is important, since much research is relevant, but does not directly lend itself to commercial exploitation. Financial backup in the form of subsidies prevents us from having to rely too much on our own assets.


A second consequence is that the R&D status makes Triodor an interesting partner for companies, research organizations and educational institutions. Triodor thus gains even greater access to extensive academic and business networks. We not only have more and newer knowledge at our disposal, we are also able to learn more quickly by cross-fertilization between theoretical academic knowledge and best practices from the practice of software development.

The award also makes Triodor an interesting employer. Due to our stronger position in the labour market, we have the opportunity to select the most talented people, further promoting the chances of successful projects. Finally, the status gives our potential and existing customers the confidence to work together on more innovative and competitive projects.


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