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ir. Umut Akpinar
Development Center in Turkey as R&D Center

Triodor runs its development activities through its offices in Istanbul, Turkey. The location was not chosen at random, outsourcing through nearshoring in Turkey is in fact an attractive option for several reasons.

Staff Quality

The quality of our Turkish staff is high. This is primarily due to the high level of education at Turkish universities and other educational institutions, but it also reflects the Turkish mentality and morale. Our Turkish IT staff and students are ambitious, motivated and career oriented and are strongly committed to loyalty to their employers. In recent years more and more graduates and students prove to have a noticeably good command of English. What is also striking is the growing popularity of technical studies and computer science.

High availability of human capital

Turkey has almost 79 million inhabitants of which 65% is younger than 34 years. With an average age of 29, Turkey has a very young and rapidly growing population. Annually, almost 1 million new students are registered at the universities and the labour market grows by 400,000 graduates a year. Turkey therefore offers the business world a wide range of highly skilled workers.

Cost advantages

The Turkish economy is increasingly converging with that of the EU. Gross Domestic Product grew by 7.3% last year, of which the services industry accounted for 65.7%. Turkey has in recent years, become the emerging economy in the European backyard. Nevertheless, living standards are still relatively low. The same applies to salaries, which are modest according to Western European standards. This enables Triodor to offer its customers competitive rates that can easily compete with other nearshoring locations in Eastern and Central Europe.

Advantageous location

While the world gets smaller every day, Turkey is still closer to European markets then offshore locations like India or Uganda, both geographically and culturally. This has several important implications for collaboration. It allows for communication between the various parties in the chain to be more flexible due to the cultural proximity. Due to the short geographic distances between us and our customers, it is also relatively easy and inexpensive to meet each other in person when necessary. A final advantage is the small time difference between Turkey and the rest of Europe, which makes the lines between us and our customers even shorter.

Extensive experience in the own market
Turkey has an extensive 'body of knowledge' where IT applications are concerned. Indeed, the country has a large internal market and a very large hinterland with many IT-related industries like banking, automotive, textile and agriculture. This means that service providers in Turkey, in addition to their academic knowledge, also have considerable practical experience in the market to advise and provide service for their clients. It distinguishes Turkey from other nearshoring locations such as Ukraine and Serbia. These countries are well-equipped for IT nearshoring, but they lack in-depth experience for the simple reason that they have few industries in which IT plays a key role.


Finally, Turkey is a stable country. Not only has it been a member of NATO since 1952 and of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) since 1961, Turkey is also an official candidate for membership of the EU. The Turkish economy is therefore becoming increasingly integrated with Western Europe. Turkey is now the sixth economy in the EU and the thirteenth most attractive country for foreign investors.


 Large labor pool of ambitious and dedicated multilingual IT professionals

 Low labor costs which can be passed on to the business

 Fast-growing emerging market in Europe's backyard

 Advantageous geographical location close to Western Europe

 Minimal cultural distance to Western Europe compared to other offshore locations

 Only one hour time difference

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