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Hıdır Aygül
Manager of Operations
"Dedicated teams are very important in understanding the business and processes of our customers "
Dedicated teams work on longer-term software projects we develop or manage. These are usually processes that are repetitive or that are still under further development. Continuity plays a leading role here. The development trajectory is usually part of the customer's business process and Triodor plays the part of an integrated supply chain partner.

What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated team is a professionally operating unit of analysts, developers, consultants and project managers. The team works exclusively for one client and forms an integral part of the client's business. Depending on the size, complexity and customer requirements, the team size varies from two to several dozen professionals. Dedicated teams not only develop applications, but also support and maintain existing systems and applications. Although our teams usually operate from Istanbul, customers have the opportunity of on-site sourcing. Team members then work temporarily at the customer's location. The advantage is that the customer gets to know our staff and our staff the customer, his business and business processes. All this at our attractive Turkish rates.


How is a dedicated team assembled?

The effectiveness of a dedicated team and the success of a long-term project are highly dependent on team composition. Triodor therefore puts much emphasis on the recruitment of team members and the formation of the teams.
The basis of each dedicated team is a manager of operations (MOP). The MOP is responsible for initiating the new team. The manager's job is to analyze the specifications of the work and on the basis of this compile the profiles of the required team members. With these profiles, our recruitment department starts  looking for candidates, firstly among the Triodor professionals currently available to be added to a dedicated team. If there are no Triodor engineers currently available, we then launch an external recruitment process.

If the customer agrees with the proposed team, the customer and manager of operations together formulate a work plan. We recommend that team members, and sometimes the whole team, work on-site during the initial phase of the project.  In this way, team members understand the business and business processes faster, and the customer gets a better idea of how the team operates. Finally, with on-site work the lines of communication are short, which promotes rapid feedback and decision making.

 Dedicated Teams?
 A dedicated team focuses exclusively on one assignment
 Lines of communication between team members and the client are short 
 Short lines lead to frequent and fruitful feedback

 Possibility of on-site posting of team members or teams
 On-site and 'embedded' dedicated teams ensure continuity
 Integrated approach 
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