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 About Us
Board of Directors
drs. Atilla Aytekin

ir. Umut Akpinar

drs. Ing Salih
Hikmet Cosgun



Our Company, Triodor

Triodor Holding is an international technology company that delivers high quality services and solutions. Triodor is headquartered in Amsterdam, has a development office in Istanbul and offices in Michigan and Leersum.


Our holding company, employs more than 200 staff, includes five companies in different branches and has alliances with several other companies in terms of both business and technology. Triodor is also a partner in several joint ventures and startups.

Triodor Holding Structure

Triodor Holding consists of two components. One is software development at the software factory in Turkey, that acts as a delivery center for Triodor in the Netherlands. This factory is a pure engineering unit with an official R&D status. The other component is formed by the companies in which Triodor has a share and in the joint ventures in which Triodor participates.


 Strategic Milestones
 2011 R & D center certificate for Triodor, Turkey 
 2010 Opening U.S. branch 
 2009 Acquisition of the first company by the Holding 
 2008 Joint Venture with Lely Industries
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