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HR as a strategic tool within Triodor 
Human resources is the main asset of any knowledge-intensive organization. Triodor is no different in this respect. We are therefore strongly committed to our HR discipline. HR to us is more than a tool for labour market communication and the employability of ourstaff. HR also has a strategic value. This means that we do not only invest heavily in our employees professionally, but also in other respects.

HR for Triodor is the key to a corporate culture that is supported by shared values and a common goal. This involves excelling on all fronts and of giving just that little bit extra, which makes an organization stand out from the crowd. To be willing and able to run faster than the competition is an absolute must. A competitive edge is never free. We expect not only basics such as knowledge and skills from our employees, but also motivation and commitment, as well as passion and perseverance. A satisfied customer is good, an enthusiastic customer is better. That is what we look for in our employees. That is Triodor's DNA.


For information about current vacancies, career opportunities and what Triodor has to offer as a workplace, please visit our dedicated career website.
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