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Zehra Dogan (Coördinator)
Dutch Dream Foundation
The Dutch Dream Foundation came about as a direct result of the book 'Atilla's  Dutch Dream' that Atilla Aytekin wrote in 2006. The book is about his life and career and a new entrepreneurship between the Turkish and Dutch cultures.

The foundation focuses on the generation of 'new entrepreneurs', the children of migrants and other 'new Dutch citizens'. Through the foundation Triodor aims to inspire and encourage young people to start a business and to actively guide and support them. The message we send out is one of hope and passion, but also one of a willingness among young people to take risks and work hard to be successful. Triodor wants to be an example in this respect, which is why the Foundation organises seminars and presentations about starting up a business, carries out research, brings parties together and organises projects and meetings especially for young people. Triodor also offers free job training, guided tours of our offices and internships. We derive energy from these types of projects, because we believe  that business should have a a social aspect.

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