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 drs. Atilla Aytekin

ir. Umut Akpinar

 ir. Yerhan Erbas


Triodor, an entrepreneurial dream  

Triodor was founded in 2003 by Atilla Aytekin, Yerhan Erbas and Umut Akpinar.

It is a logical partnership: the three share a passion, belief and an iron discipline to set up something great. In the early years Triodor provided a wide range of products and services, such as the creation of websites, network management, software development and the sale of hardware. In later years, the focus shifted more to what Triodor is really good at namely, software development.

Although Triodor has worked with a front office in Amsterdam and a development center in Istanbul from the start in 2003, there is no question of outsourcing. Istanbul develops exclusively for Triodor and not external customers.


In 2004 Triodor put its software on the market and signed up the first customers. The first contract for outsourcing in 2005 was a milestone. In that year, the first dedicated team was created to work exclusively for one customer. The concept of  dedicated teams was an immediate success. The combination of an experienced team working form a distance and their own expertise in software development, proved to be a strong formula. Therefore, the dedicated concept was extended in 2006. That year also brought the first big corporate account: Lely, a large company in the agricultural sector.


The collaboration with Lely was so successful that in 2008 a joint venture was established. Triodor extended the business model from then on with the joint venture concept. The following year, the number of employees exceeded 100, for the first time.


 2003 Triodor start-up
 Design Engineering Department in Turkey
 First dedicated team for software development
 First corporate customer for dedicated teams

 Start internationalization
 Winner of the Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award

 Winner Dutch-Turkish Trade Award of Netuba

 Exact Online Launch
 R & D Center Certificate for Triodor, Turkey
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